Julie Dawn Fox  - Writer and PhotographerAnyone who travels with me will confirm that I love taking photos. I’m getting better at doing it, too, although I’ve still got a lot to learn.

My main blog, Julie Dawn Fox in Portugal, gives me opportunities to share some of my images of Portugal but I’m restricted by my own decision to focus on Portugal.

I’ve got tons of photographs I’d like to share from around the world so I thought I’d set up a separate blog to give me a wider scope. I particularly enjoy participating in several of the weekly photo challenges within the blogging world but will also be adding some individual images and photo essays when it seems appropriate.

I’m keen to show you my better quality images so I won’t be boring you with blurred images or dull subjects.

I’d really appreciate your feedback and support so please feel free to comment on and share my photos. If you’d like to use them yourself, please contact me first.